Business Inabox


The insides of a Business Inabox retail trailer can be modified into any functional business; from an elegant fashion house, equipped with fitting rooms to a farm and produce shop.

The Ifor Williams Retail Unit Trailer provides a versatile solution for businesses, offering the ability to showcase varying product lines and connect with customers on the go.

With the freedom to set up shop in new, profitable locations, this trailer is an excellent choice for those looking to operate a mobile business.

Featuring a stylish exterior design, the trailer can be customized to suit any functional business needs, whether it be an elegant fashion house with fitting rooms or a farm and produce shop.

Ideal for participating in trade fairs and shows, the Retail Unit Trailer also includes living quarters, eliminating the need for expensive hotel accommodations while working away from home.

Moreover, the trailer can be supplied without living quarters, allowing for more retail space and increased customization options.

Spacious living area

A bright, modern and comfortable space.

Sleeping area

Sleeping area to fit two adults comfortably.


Sink is stainless with drainer. Electric tap works off on board battery.

Hob and grill

Stainless steel four burner hob and grill.

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