Business Inabox


The ideal trailer for those involved in motorsports or sporting teams.

If you are involved in Motorsports or Sporting teams and often participate in events away from home, a Business Inabox Mobile Workshop trailer is the perfect solution for you.

The trailer provides ample space in the rear to load your vehicles and equip them with all your technical gear, making event participation and competition hassle-free.

In addition, the front of the trailer can be equipped with luxury living accommodation, including eating and sleeping facilities, to make weekends away more enjoyable. If you need more workshop space, the trailer can be designed without a bulkhead and living accommodation.

Treadplate interior

Sleeping area

Sleeping area to fit two adults comfortably.


Sink is stainless with drainer. Electric tap works off on board battery.

Spacious living area

A bright, modern and comfortable space.

Hob and grill

Stainless steel four burner hob and grill.

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