CT115 / CT136

Car Transporter

CT115 / CT136

Both vehicle recovery and motor sport are catered for within these trailer ranges.

Both vehicle recovery and motor sport are catered for within the CT115 and CT136 trailer range.

The CT115 and CT136 trailer range can accommodate both vehicle recovery and motor sport needs. The trailers feature twin high tensile steel pressings and a galvanized structure that is mounted on the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle suspension, resulting in a versatile, strong, and easy-to-use vehicle carrier.

All four models in the range share the same lightweight construction. The CT115 and CT136 are single axle trailers with a gross weight of 1400kg, while the twin axle and heavy-duty models have gross weights of 2000kg and 2600kg respectively. With a maximum payload capacity of 1000kg, 1500kg, and 2100kg respectively, these trailers are designed to be lightweight and strong.

Lockable coupling head

The lockable low-profile coupling head ensures optimum clearance of 4×4 rear doors and can be locked on or off the coupling for additional security.

2m loading skids

The loading skids are readily accessible at the point of use. Skids are retained by the number plate holder and are suitable for normal loading or uncoupled loading mode.

Support legs

Adjustable rear support legs.

Security marking registration with TER

Each trailer is fitted with an ID plate which has a unique serial number etched on it. Additionally, the drawbar has a different unique number cut through it, which is virtually impossible to alter without noticeably affecting the appearance of the numbers and galvanized finish.

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