Designed specifically for transporting plant machinery

The Ifor Williams plant trailer range has been the go-to option for transporting plant machinery since the 1980s, with three distinct types of trailers available: the GP, GX, and GH Range.

The GX series trailers have filled-in sides made from folded pre-galvanized steel sections, providing greater flexibility. They also feature a new body design that allows the machine operator to safely step down from the cab.

The GP series trailers are renowned as the toughest plant trailers in the industry, with an open rectangular steel framework that is integral with the chassis. The maximum gross weight of the range is 3500kg, and models are available in sizes ranging from the smallest GP106 to the largest GP146. The trailers come with three tyre options, and larger models are available as tri-axle versions.

The GH range is the latest addition to the Ifor Williams plant trailer range, offering galvanized welded construction with leaf spring suspension for durability. These trailers come with hinged adjustable skids or a full-width loading ramp and sizes ranging from the smallest GX84 up to the largest GX126. Optional accessories include a ladder rack, factory-fitted aluminium treadplate floor covering, meshside extensions, bolt-on ramp knife edge, recessed lashing rings, and 1.8m/6’ skids or ramp.

The GX models are available with maximum gross weights of 2700kg and 3500kg and are fitted with integrated ramp and skid supports. This standard feature ensures trailers are supported while being loaded without the need to deploy prop stands.

The GH94 is the latest addition to the plant trailer range, featuring a 9’ x 4’ platform and a choice of two ramp lengths. It has a generous payload of up to 2210kg and a maximum gross weight of 2700kg, making it ideal for customers with a restricted towing capacity and a favourite with plant hire companies.

Resin coated plywood floor

Phenol-coated on both sides, our ply platform floors feature an embossed grip pattern on the upper surface.

Jockey wheel

Heavy duty jockey wheel provides support for the load and mobility of the trailer, when the trailer is uncoupled.

Treadplate mudguards

Walk-on steel treadplate mudguards

Lashing points

500kg lashing points

Full width ramp

Full width ramp

Bevelled ramp

Bevelled ramp to help guide the tracks or wheels of plant being loaded.

Hinged skids

Spring assisted self supporting ramp

Bucket rest

Raised bucket rest with lip for excavator teeth.

Spare wheel

A mounting bracket and spare wheel are fitted as standard to all Ifor Williams trailers for complete peace of mind.

Integrated rear prop stands

For use when trailer is uncoupled offering additional stability when loading.

Security marking registration with TER

Each trailer is fitted with an ID plate which has a unique serial number etched on it. Additionally, the drawbar has a different unique number cut through it, which is virtually impossible to alter without noticeably affecting the appearance of the numbers and galvanized finish.

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