Small Domestic


A compact and convenient trailer designed for domestic use and light commercial duties.

The P5 is a versatile and compact trailer designed for both domestic use and light commercial duties. With its professional-grade design and construction, the P5 is stronger and more durable than any other trailer of its size.

You can rely on this trailer to serve you well for many years to come, outlasting other less robust trailers available in the market.

The P5 offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, boasting a maximum gross weight of 500kg and a payload starting at 359kg. Its internal dimensions of 1.02m x 1.53m make it easy to store in your garage and maneuver through narrow gateways that larger trailers may not fit through. The P5 is easy to tow and its extra-deep sides, with a depth of 0.45m, ensure that you can transport larger loads without compromising on volume.

Whether you're taking a trip to the garden center, the tip, or heading out on a family camping holiday with limited car space, the P5 is the perfect trailer for transporting heavy and cumbersome loads that your car cannot handle. From sand, gravel, and chippings (up to 14 standard 25kg bags at a time), to concrete slabs, plants, decking, and even household appliances, the P5 is an ideal introductory trailer that can be towed by most cars and vans.

You can choose between a tailboard or ramp model depending on the job or activity. The ramp option is perfect for loading wheeled equipment like lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.

Resin coated plywood floor

Phenol-coated on both sides, our ply platform floors feature an embossed grip pattern on the upper surface.

Front prop stand

Spare wheel

A mounting bracket and spare wheel are fitted as standard to all Ifor Williams trailers for complete peace of mind.

Lockable coupling head

The lockable low-profile coupling head ensures optimum clearance of 4×4 rear doors and can be locked on or off the coupling for additional security.

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