Single Axle Tipper


Single Axle Tipper

Light, adaptable and with a wide range of applications, an Ifor Williams Tipper is the perfect choice.

The TT2012 trailer is a versatile and lightweight option that can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

With a weight of less than 400kg and a GVW of 1500kg, it is perfect for those who need a trailer to carry up to 1 tonne of garden debris, gravel, logs, rubble, or builder bags. This trailer is ideal for customers with lighter towing vehicles and small holdings, and it bridges the gap between the unbraked range and heavier-duty tipping trailers.

Designed with a skip back, tipping is made easy, and the trailer features a removable tailboard that keeps rubble and loose materials secure during transit. The TT2012 trailer is highly versatile and comes with a variety of accessories to suit different needs. These include a ladder rack for carrying long and awkward items, mesh sides and rear panel for bulkier items, and a tarpaulin cover that provides convenient cargo restraint for loose items. The ladder rack and mesh sides are interchangeable with the P6e trailer. This innovative trailer is a must-have for those who need a reliable, high-performance trailer that can handle a variety of tasks.

Manual pump

Prop stands

Rope hooks

Skip back

Spare wheel



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